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SOLIDKOTE IMPACT is a protective, high build,
solventless, polyurethane resin coating
specifically developed to protect concrete and
steel. Solidkote Impact exhibits excellent
adhesion to various substrates including
resistance to abrasion, chemical attack and
other physical aggression, including minor
movement. Supplied as a two-pack system
comprising pigmented base and a hardener, it
requires only on site mixing to produce an easily
applied industrial floor finish. SOLIDKOTE
IMPACT can be safely used in areas where
contact with foodstuffs occurs or for coating
potable water storage tanks.


· Solvent free coating with full HACCP
· Easy to clean seamless finish.
· High order of durability and adhesion
· Resistance to abrasion, impact,
chemical attack and penetration.
· Low sensitivity to moisture.
· Easily application


· Heavy duty industrial works spaces
· Chemical Processing
· Food preparation/wet areas
· Brewing/dairy clean areas
· Engineering and processing
· Tank linings
· Metal surfaces
Suitable substrates:
Concrete, polymer reinforced, grano concrete,
asphalt, mild steel and wood.


Appearance: Semi-gloss, satin finish
Pot life at 20°c: 25 min
S.G: 1.5
Initial film set time at 20°c: 3 hours
Light traffic resistance: 12-16 hours
Heavy traffic resistance: 4 - 5 days
Coverage: Roller applied 30m2/ 5L kit @ 150um
Coverage: Trowel & spike roll 9m2/ 5L kit @ 500um
Bond to concrete: In excess of cohesive
strength of concrete
Application limits: Temp: 0 - 30°c
Relative humidity: Max


Ensure substrate is fully dry not more than 10%
moisture content. The storage, mixing and
application conditions can affect the quality of
the finish produced.


To be assured of maximum adhesion and
properties the correct surface preparation is
essential. Removal of all pre-existing coatings is
essential. Remove all grease, oils, debris and
contaminants with a suitable cleaner. It is
preferable to vacuum dry the substrate to speed
up drying after cleaning. Ensure that the
substrate is fully dry; where necessary a
moisture test may be required. Prime the
surface with Solidkote Impact primer. On metal
substrates priming is not required. Ensure that
the primer is uniform, where a matt finish is
prevalent additional coats of primer should be
applied until uniform visible seal. Apply the
Solidkote Impact within 48 hours after the last
primer coat has been applied.

Mix the Solidkote Impact Resin to ensure a
uniform mix, after which add the full contents of
hardener. Mix for 2 – 3 minutes until uniform.
Using a steel trowel spread at 300 - 500μm.
Spike roll to obtain a bubble and trowel mark free finish. Alternatively for coatings onto steel
surfaces brush or roll out using a short Mohair
roller. Maintaining Solidkote Impact by regular
scrubbing or mopping with Liquid Action, will
maintain this system in serviceable condition.
Damaged areas of this system should be patchrepaired/
replaced in order to ensure longevity
of the work area. The raw materials used in this
system have been tested by Campden and
Chorleywood (food authorities in Europe) as
non-tainting and non-odour producing and
suitable for use in food production areas.


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