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STEELCOTE 303 N is a single component, water
based, modified acrylic polymer coating
containing chemical rust converting additives for
the protection of ferrous metals with minimal
preparation. Steelcote 303 N is ideal as a base
primer for protection of steel surfaces prior to
application of solvent based topcoats. Steelcote
303 N may also be used as the final topcoat
system due to its durable, UV stable and flexible
film properties.


· Minimal preparation
· Easy to apply
· Rust incorporation by chemical conversion
· Moisture tolerant
· Crack or peel resistant
· Quick drying
· Accepts most common topcoats
· Brush, spray or roller application
· Water thinnable
· UV and colour stable
· Flexible and thixotropic


• All ferrous metals 
• Rusted or plain metal 
• Interior or exterior 
• Primer or finish coat 
• Damp surfaces



Surfaces to be coated should be free of loose paint, contaminants or grease. Degrease if necessary and rinse with clean water to remove soluble salts. Re-mix the STEELCOTE 303N and add small quantities of water to the desired brushing or spraying consistency up to a maximum of 10%. Apply two coats to ensure full coverage – after at least 4 hours. Leave as a shop primer for structural steel. Solvent based topcoats should only be  applied after 48 hour full cure.



Appearance      : various colours, viscous liquid 
pH        : 2  Cure times     : Touch dry 20-30 minutes, Re-coat 4 hours, Topcoat 48 hours 
Diluent & Clean-up    : Water 
Packaging      : 5 & 25 liter plastic buckets.


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