10-40 mm Textured Aggregate Surface Covering System
Elastopave is surface covering system where selected graded aggregates are mixed with a PU resin binder and placed by trowel onto a prepared surface to yield a seamless, strong, durable and attractive surface. The cured system is permeable to water and air which allows for self-draining. Elastopave is a new generation, innovative material for surface design.



Seamless Flooring System icon

Seamless flooring system which is easy to maintain

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Elastopave can be used with crushed stone and gravel in many different colors and grain sizes from ø 1.5 mm through to approx. ø 10 mm are possible

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High impact and abrasion resistance. Durable and flexible system with elasticity

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Solvent free, low odour, environmentally friendly

Available colours


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