Technical Finishes specialises in expansion joints, structural adhesives, waterproofing, protective coatings, concrete repair systems, and specialist safety products. We have a comprehensive portfolio of products that enable us to provide specialist construction and mining corrosion solutions.
construction specialist

Specialist Construction Solutions

We do far more than floors. We offer comprehensive building solutions from foundation to finish whether for a home sweet home or high-rise. Technical Finishes manufactures a full range of specialist construction-related products and chemicals used on most construction sites. From robust polystyrene solutions durability tested for strength and performance and with superior energy saving, insulation, and soundproofing qualities, to cement non-shrink grouts, structural repair mortars, bonding liquids, epoxy adhesives, curing compounds, joint sealants, and more.
Corrosion Protection solutions

Specialist Corrosion Protection And Composite Solutions

Africa is not for sissies, and our engineered systems measure up to extend the life expectancy and performance of structures in even the most demanding environments. Technical Finishes manufactures a range of corrosion protection systems such as epoxy wearing compounds for pipes, epoxy composite resins, vinyl ester tank linings, and novalac epoxies for highly chemical resistant applications.

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