Food & Beverage Processing Solutions

Flooring solutions designed to stand the heat, the feet, the thrills, and the spills.
No rocky road too bumpy for our fit for purpose flooring

Food manufactures, dairy product producers, egg processors, breweries, wineries, and bottling plants, all require flooring able to meet unique environmental requirements. These include the ability to endure a variety of spills and chemical washdowns, the weight of heavy equipment, fluctuating temperatures, and constant foot traffic.

Technical Finishes’ specialist range of epoxy and polyurethane flooring systems are ideally suited to these Food & Beverage facilities where the use of chemical products, alkalis, intense heating, and cleaning processes are a daily part of the operations.

Spilling the beans on our HACCP certified safety features

Added silver ion antimicrobial protection makes our highly hygienic HACCP certified floors ideally suited for use in use in both wet and dry food handling, processing, and production areas. And, to increase safety, our heavy-duty floors have a positively textured profile to minimise slip and fall risks.

Food & Beverage Processing Solutions


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