Gourmet Greek

Building | Gourmet Greek
Area | Lions River
Sector | Dairy Industry
Contractor | Technical Finishes 
Applicator | Umshikashika Epoxy Flooring Specialist Applicators


Gourmet Greek needed to re-install its floors as the solution provided by a previous installer lacked durability and resilience.

Product selected

6mm Polyscreed RT

Specially designed to meet the specific demands of the dairy industry, the following products were selected, Solidkote STP, Scatter & Polyscreed RT, Solidjoint 525 and Polyscreed Lockcoat.

Challenges addressed

The existing failing flooring system had to be removed and the tiles tested for adhesion. 6mm Polyscreed RT was installed next, with Solidjoint 525 used to secure the joints and Polyscreen Lockcoat used for the angles on drains.

Installation time

3 Days

Project Size


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