1.6 mm Luxurious Self-Levelling Resin Flooring System
Liquid-Stone is a decorative, contemporary seamless resin flooring system designed to be at the forefront of interior design with style and flexibility. Combined with strength, durability and comfort under foot, this waterbased, self-levelling resin flooring system provides a high performance, luxurious, finish with the look and feel of velvet. The cured product exhibits high resistance to chemicals, abrasion and is flexible enough to withstand high traffic. Ideally suited for interior floors found in residential, semi-commercial and upmarket flooring spaces.



Chemical Resistance Icon

Excellent chemical resistance.

Product Properties Icon

Excellent impact and abrasion resistance.

Environmentally Friendly Product Icon

Water based & environmentally friendly. Low odour and VOC compliant.

Temperature Icon

Warm and comfortable under foot.

Adhesion To Metal Icon

Various colour options – tint to desired colour.

Seamless Flooring System icon


Roller Icon

Seamless Resin-based System

UV Stable Icon

Substrate versatility.

Available colours

Arctic Snow
Foggy Night
Volcanic Ash
Misty Morning
Mountain Breeze
Pebble Stone
Koi Pond
Platinum Mine

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