We offer flooring systems geared to the specific requirements found in a range of manufacturing environments. From parts assembly, chemical processing, warehousing and food and beverage processing, our range of Industrial Floorings products offers solutions from start to finish.
Flooring solutions to keep your project flowing smoothly

Whatever your needs in terms of specialist flooring solutions, from concrete to cementitious repair, epoxy repair mortars to joint sealing, grouting to flooring systems, damp proofing to waterproofing, you can lean on us.

Our specialist solutions keep your projects flowing at a good pace so you can deliver on plan and on time. From foundation to finish, our solutions help you complete your entire shell and seal the deal.

We service all manufacturing sectors, including industrial, commercial, and residential. Our solutions have helped to build everything from roads to runways, tunnels to towers, bridges to basements, parkades to ponds, and of course, homes to high-rises.


Past work

Technical Finishes has the flooring solution for you and your future-fit flooring needs.

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