Metallic Epoxy Flooring for Exclusive Restaurant and Bar

Technical Finishes recently had the opportunity to provide a one-of-a-kind metallic floor finish to an exclusive restaurant and bar located in Umhlanga, KwaZulu-Natal.

The client provided Technical Finishes with a brief of the seamless finish they were after. Together with the applicator, our in-house industrial chemists, time was spent in the laboratory to create the vision required.

Solidkote Metallo is a new and exciting seamless epoxy flooring system that provides a distinctive and decorative three-dimensional floor finish incorporating reflective pigments. Solidkote Metallo is available in various colours which allows the applicator to create a finish ranging from subtle and stylish to striking and outrageous. This system is designed for indoor commercial applications such as restaurants, night clubs, bars and restrooms. Each project is unique, and no floor will ever look the same.

Besides the captivating appearance, also provides a durable finish ideal for high traffic areas.  The other benefit is that the floors are easy to clean due to the fact that they are seamless.

To ensure the successful installation of the flooring systems, Technical Finishes associates with accredited applicators who work in partnership and thus both professionals ultimately ensures that the end clients expectation is met.    The total entrance area was 115m² and we were allowed one week to complete the project, Technical Finishes and the applicator managed to complete the project in just 4 days. The client was pleased with the unique end result and signed off on the floors.

Technical Finishes’ have serviced clients for more than 35 years, our proven technology, on-site support and technical know-how surpasses client’s expectations and the results achieved, proved once again that Technical Finishes’ can deliver results.

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