Oh My Soul

Building | Oh My Soul
Area | Durban North
Sector | Restaurant Industry 
Contractor | Technical Finishes 
Applicator | Andreas


Oh My Soul wanted to upgrade from ordinary tile finish floors to the eye- catching floor with a unique finish.

Product selected

Solidkote Impact and Solidkote SL1000 with Solidkote Metallo

Lauded for its practical durability and the creative freedom it presents, SolidKote Mettalo boasts reflective pigments and metallic effects to create the sense of movement and depth that makes it a true game changer in the flooring game.

Challenges addressed

Two floor areas needed revision. In the first area, tiles and tile glue had to be removed from a wooden floor, the floor sanded, and then given a more durable and attractive finish using SB Primer and Solidkote Impact. In the second area, tile surfaces were ground down to remove their gloss finish and level them out, after which an additional scraper coat was added to remove grout lines. STP Primer with SL1000 followed as a base colour in light blue, Solidkote Metallo Satin White was applied over this, and finally, Solidkote UV Satin was used as a sealer. The result is a unique floor that creates the illusion of soft whisps of cloud underfoot.

Installation time

5 Days

Project Size

31m2 SolidKote Impact & 24m2 SolidKote Metallo

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