Pentra-Sil 244+

Salt Protection, Dust-Proofer, Hardener, Densifier and Sealer
Pentra-Sil (244+) is a premium hardener, densifier and sealer with hydrophobic properties ideal for protecting concrete and masonry surfaces against the damage of wind-driven rain, freeze-thaw, moisture, and chloride ion intrusion. Pentra-Sil (244+) combines the benefits of lithium silicate densification with reactive silicone chemistry to meet the NCHRP 244 standard for chloride protection of concrete in a single application. The reactive treatment reduces permeability, helps prevent efflorescence leaching and provides chloride ion resistance to deter reinforcing steel corrosion and spalling. When sprayed on new or existing concrete, it penetrates where it reacts with free calcium to form insoluble calcium silica hydrate, which makes concrete more water, stain and abrasion resistant for easier maintenance and longer life.

Key benefits

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