Pentra-Sil (NL) HD+C

Hardener, Densifier & Cure

Pentra-Sil® (HD+C) is a water-based, clear, dissipating membraneforming curing compound, hardener and densifier. This single component application forms a tougher, abrasion resistant surface compared to traditional methods requiring post-densification (28 days later). Excellent for commercial and industrial concrete floors that need long-term protection against heavy wear and abuse, moisture, dirt and grime buildup. This earth friendly / bio based compound contains no solvents and has a VOC content<100g/L making it compliant in Europe.

This patent pending, all-in-one lithium formula is applied to fresh concrete slabs immediately after finishing operations are complete. The unique chemistry forms a film on the surface, restricting the amount of water that can evaporate from the concrete while at the same time allowing the lithium silicate component to penetrate and react with the free-lime and unhydrated cement particles to improve both the curing and the hardening characteristics. This product also provides substantial benefits over solventbased or older water-based curing technologies because it does not need sunlight to dissipate and will begin to breakdown within 14-28 days eliminating the cost associated with cleaning hard-to-remove curing compounds.

Key benefits

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