Polyscreed MD ESD

4 mm Anti-static Polyurethane Floor Screed
A high performance four component anti-static polyurethane self-smoothing floor screed providing exceptional physical and chemical resistance as well as electrostatic discharge protection in demanding industrial environments subject to medium traffic. It provides a smooth, yet non slip, floor finish ideal for applications in electronic environments, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries where high performance, durability and adherance to BS 2050:1978 are required. HACCP compliant with antimicrobial silver ion technology ideal for food processing areas.



High chemical resistance

High impact, abrasion and thermal shock resistance

Electrostatic dissipative. 5 x104 to 108 Ω, BS: 2050-1978

Seamless and easy to clean. Antimicrobial silver ion technology. Low VOC

Fast installation. Easy to use fluid consistency with excellent adhesion.

HACCP compliant, Ideal for food processing areas

Available colors

Light Stone
Brick Red
Mid Grey
Light Blue
Dark Grey
Traffic Yellow
Dark Green

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