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High chemical resistance is a must-have for restaurant floors where exposure to food and drink spillage is a daily occurrence. At the same time, one cannot underestimate the visual impact a beautifully designed floor has in making a powerful first impression on customers.

That’s why our restaurant and fast food flooring solutions offer equally generous portions of practical performance and pleasing presentation. Like our Mondéco range that serves up a feast for the eyes all while taking industry spills and scrapes in its stride.

Our Mondéco range boasts a creative mix of aggregates, ranging from recycled glass to mother of pearl, each encapsulated within the resin system. This gives the floor a glittery, shimmering finish that adds an air of luxury to any space. Better yet, it can be applied in any configuration or design thanks to a unique, paint-by-numbers application technique, where the desired pattern is laid out in metal trims and the chosen colours are then poured into the respective areas within the metal outline.

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