Solidcove Mortar

Epoxy Coving and Fairing Mortar
Solidcove Mortar is a 3-component, lightweight, highly filled, epoxy resin, coving and screed mortar system designed for an easy to trowel application on vertical surfaces and for forming covings before floor applications. Solidcove Mortar is highly chemical and abrasion resistant which makes it ideal as a lining system in areas subject to harsh conditions. Solidcove Mortar provides a strong and durable finish together with excellent abrasive resistance. It is the desired vertical surface and coving repair mortar prior to application of further epoxy or polyurethane top-coats.



100% Solids, VOC free.

Excellent abrasion and chemical resistance.

Easy to trowel, versatile. Repair damaged concrete floors. Fill holes and depressions. Re-face joints. Smooth differences in levels.

Durable freeze thaw resistance.

Solvent free, low odour.

Easily cleaned, moisture impermeable.

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