Solidguard TLS-100

Food Grade Epoxy Tank Lining System
SOLIDGUARD TLS-100 is an extremely chemical resistant, solvent-free, food grade epoxy coating utilizing resins compliant with FDA regulation 21CFR 175.300 for coatings in contact with food, potable water and alcoholic beverages up to 12% alcohol by volume. The systemis designed for the lining of concrete, metal tanks and pipes. The product exhibits excellent adhesion on wet or otherwise unprepared surfaces and green concrete with good cure properties even at low temperatures. Performance formulated for tanks exposed to extreme conditions in the food & beverage industry,wine& alcohol industry, sugar industry.



Excellent chemical resistance to a wide variety of corrosive chemicals

Excellent water resistance

Low temperature cure (< 0°C)

Good flexibility

Extremely tough and crack resistant.

Excellent scratch and mar resistance

Easy to clean

Solvent free, HACCP Compliant

Thermal shock resistant

Available colors

Light Stone
Brick Red
Mid Grey
Light Blue
Dark Grey
Traffic Yellow
Dark Green

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