Solidkote 110

Epoxy Bonding Agent for Concrete Repairs, Wet to Dry Concrete to Concrete Bonding Adhesive

Solidkote 110 is a permanent epoxy adhesive for bonding of internal or external renderings, granolithic toppings and concrete to concrete. It tolerates a degree of moisture before and during curing and is insoluble when cured. The ultimate bond strength is greater than the tensile strength of concrete. Solidkote 110 does not shrink and provides an even and stress-free bond. Solidkote 110 is primarily used as a wet to dry epoxy bonding system for structural repairs, cementitious floor repairs l over layments and where high strength bonding to the suitable substrate is required for grouting of vertical dowel bars into concrete. 

Solidkote 110 may be applied to clean, sound and durable surfaces such as steel, glazed tiles and bricks, ceramics and quarry tiles, terrazzo tiles and concrete floors. It can also be applied to smooth and granolithic paving’s, old and worn concrete, engineering and semi-engineering bricks (with the correct surface preparation). 


High physical strength. Durable. Excellent physical strength.

Non-shrink. Excellent adhesion properties.

Moisture tolerant (wet to dry)

Resistant to chemical attack

Available colors

Light Stone
Brick Red
Mid Grey
Light Blue
Dark Grey
Traffic Yellow
Dark Green

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