Solidkote DTO

Oil Tolerant Epoxy Primer
Solidkote DTO is a direct to oil, surface tolerant epoxy primer. A specially formulated epoxy for applications to substrates that have been contaminated with petroleum oil, grease and vegetable oil. It is formulated for anti-corrosive application to concrete and masonry surfaces, as well as for steel surfaces. It may be top coated when dry with other suitable color finishes. The high build formulation of this coating allows it to form a thick barrier coat to avoid ‘stain through’ of oil, tar or asphalt. The product may also be applied over poorly prepared rusted steel and old existing coatings. It meets all current VOC regulations and can be applied in thicknesses from 150 to 625 um in one coat, although thickness of application on oil contaminated steel surfaces should be a minimum of 175 um and 300 um on concrete.



Tolerant Surface Icon

Tolerant of poorly prepared surfaces.

Seamless Flooring System icon

Barrier coating to oil and grease in concrete.

UV Stable Icon

100% Solids.

Existing Concrete Icon

Excellent chemical resistance.

Available colors

Light Stone
Brick Red
Mid Grey
Light Blue
Dark Grey
Traffic Yellow
Dark Green

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