Solidkote Robust was applied to a 3700m2 facility

A proudly South African Wholesale Company providing cost saving fresh produce and groceries recently worked with Technical Finishes to find a durable and wear resistant floor coating for their warehouse.  The flooring system needed to withstand wheeled traffic in the area but also offer an aesthetically pleasing finish.  After consultation with the technical team at Technical Finishes, the Solidkote Robust was chosen and applied at 1mm to the 3700m2 facility.  It was an ideal solution as the wear resistant properties, seamless finish and easy to clean properties of the product delivered the perfect finish.  Safety was also further enhanced with demarcation lines throughout the warehouse, a walkway was installed, and the storage areas demarcated for the various product lines. 

The Solidkote Robust is also a solvent free epoxy system with no VOC’s and is therefore suited for food and beverage spaces whilst being kind to the ecological environment.   To ensure the successful installation of the flooring systems, Technical Finishes associates with accredited applicators who work in partnership and thus both professionals ultimately ensures that the end clients service expectation is met.    All accredited applicators that are partnered with Technical Finishes have a thorough understanding of the substrate conditions required, what surface preparation is needed to determine the success of the system and the due attention that is needed when mixing the components correctly to ultimately deliver a seamless robust floor. 

Technical Finishes’ have serviced clients for more than 35 years, our proven technology, on-site support and technical know-how surpasses client’s expectations and the results achieved, proved once again that Technical Finishes’ can deliver results.  

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