Solidscreed 400

High Strength Polymer Modified Concrete Screed
Solidscreed 400 is a ready to use blend of hard wearing aggregates, polymer modified cement and additives which produces a hard wearing, impact resistant 30 – 100 mm floor overlay. Solidscreed 400 should be used to overlaying damaged concrete floors or for patch repairing where partial damage has occurred. As a floor, Solidscreed 400 provides higher early strength and a harder wearing surface than conventional concrete.



Product Properties Icon

High early strength. Durable.

Economic Icon

Economical. Easy to use. Reduces maintenance costs.

Tolerant Surface Icon

Increased abrasion resistance

Seamless Flooring System icon

Concrete appearance

Time Icon

Early traffic - 24 hours

Existing Concrete Icon

Bonds exceptionally well to existing concrete

Water Tolerant Icon

60% less permeable to oil and grease penetration than plain concrete

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