Solidwear HP200

Multi-Purpose Epoxy Wearing Compound
Solidwear HP200 is a multi-purpose wearing compound containing a combination of ceramic fillers and beads, held uniformly in suspension in a blended high performance epoxy resin system. It is ideal for protecting wearing areas in plants which process fine slurries. Contains fine crushed angular aluminium oxide. Easy to trowel on large surfaces.


Cuts down time to a minimum, as most repairs are done on site.

Extends life of costly plant and components.

Can be applied to vertical and overhead surfaces and areas in which compound shapes or difficult access make the application of other wearing materials impractical.

Water smoothable – Lightly wetting trowel or gloved hand gives a smooth finish.

Excellent acid resistance > 30% Sulphuric acid. Strong acid blends typically used in mine processing.

Easy to mix and apply. Can be applied 3 - 10 mm.

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