Solidwear HP500

High Performance Epoxy Novalac Wearing Compound
Solidwear HP 500 is a medium set high performance technically advanced wearing compound containing graded high density ceramic fillers, providing excellent wear resistance, impact and chemical resistance, a long lasting lining to plant and equipment subject to a high degree of abrasive wear. It contains fine crushed angular fillers for optimum packing and wear resistance.


Excellent acid and alkali resistance. (up to 50% Sulphuric acid)

Extends life of costly plant and components.

Easy to mix and apply. It conforms and spreads easily into tight corners and curved surfaces.

Can be applied to vertical and overhead surfaces.

Water smoothable – Lightly wetting trowel or gloved hand gives a smooth finish.

Rapid Cure - Normally ready to use in 18 hours at 25˚C - less if heat is applied.

Excellent adhesion to metal and other surfaces under adverse conditions including damp surfaces.

Good low temperature cure down to 5°C.

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