Techfin Bulked Grout

Natural Aggregate High Strength, Non-Shrink, Non-Pourable Grout for Bulk Grouting
Techfin Bulked Grout is a premixed ready-to-use dry grout with a precise blend of graded siliceous and pea gravel aggregates, controlled chemicals, incorporating shrinkage compensating ingredients and Portland Cements to produce a workable non-shrink grout. It is grey coloured, non-oxidising and has no added chlorides or nitrates.



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A precision grout for use when a workable consistency is required and when the principal requirement is a shrink-free grout.

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High Early Strength - facilitates rapid installation and operation of machinery.

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A non-shrink grout that hardens, free of bleeding, settlement or drying shrinkage, maintaining tight contact with the underside of grouted elements.

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Reliability – premixed thus eliminating costly on site blending errors.

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Workable Consistency – a grout when mixed and placed at workable consistency remains free from segregation and bleeding.

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Non-metallic, iron free aggregate grout used where concrete or mortar appearance is required.

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Durability – a dense and ultimate high strength grout which withstands repetitive loading requirements.

Available colors

Light Stone
Brick Red
Mid Grey
Light Blue
Dark Grey
Traffic Yellow
Dark Green

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