Techfin Crack Injection

Epoxy Resin Based Crack Injection Compound
Techfin Crack Injection is a two component crack injection fluid for sealing cracks, filling cavities and voids in concrete and stopping water ingress. Techfin Crack Injection compound is a high strength, low viscosity, pourable epoxy compound capable of penetrating even the finest of cracks and forming a solid bond.


Low viscosity, will penetrate deeply into cracks and cavities.

Long pot life.

High compressive strength. Non-shrink.

Tolerant of damp surfaces.

Excellent adhesion to concrete.

Will resist hydrostatic pressure and block penetration of deleterious substances.

Excellent chemical resistance to sewage, sea water, alkalis, dilute acids, ammonia, formaldehyde, mineral and vegetable oils, animal fats and corrosive gasses.


Available colors

Light Stone
Brick Red
Mid Grey
Light Blue
Dark Grey
Traffic Yellow
Dark Green

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