Techfin Industrial Overlay

cementitious screed designed for floor overlays and concrete repairs
TECHFIN INDUSTRIAL OVERLAY is a powder mix consisting of processed inert quartz aggregate blended with cements and proprietary additives to achieve controlled setting and workability characteristics producing a non-shrink, premixed screed / topping. TECHFIN INDUSTRIAL OVERLAY is a multi-component product specially designed to be used for monolithic concrete overlays and for floor repairs.



Durable. High early strengths.

Economical. Reduces maintenance costs.

Easy to use

Increased abrasion resistance

Concrete appearance. Bonds exceptionally well to existing concrete.

Early traffic - 72 hours

60% less permeable to oil and grease penetration than plain concrete

Available colors

Light Stone
Brick Red
Mid Grey
Light Blue
Dark Grey
Traffic Yellow
Dark Green

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