Techfin Probond

Multi-Purpose Admixture Bonding Agent For Cementitious Systems. Waterproofs And Improves Mortars.
Techfin Probond is a styrene-butadiene co-polymer for use with cementitious compositions. It is used in mortar and concretes as an admixture to increase resistance to water penetration, improve abrasion resistance and durability. The use of Techfin Probond in cement-based slurries and mortars is a reliable and highly water-resistant bonding agent.



Earlier hardening

Greatly improved flexibility. Reduced shrinkage.

Tensile strength normally doubled. Increased durability and toughness.

Good abrasion resistance

Reduces bleeding. Prolongs corrosion protection.

High resistance to water penetration. Good resistance to many chemicals and to mineral oil

Good resistance to frost attack. Good resistance to salt permeation.

Excellent adhesion to steel and concrete (increased by up to 25 times). Adheres well to brick, glass, asphalt, wood, expanded polystyrene and most building materials.

Similar thermal expansion and modulus properties to concrete (unlike resin mortars and primers)

Non-toxic. Can be used with potable water

Available colors

Light Stone
Brick Red
Mid Grey
Light Blue
Dark Grey
Traffic Yellow
Dark Green

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