Techfin Shutter Release OB

Chemical release agent – economical high quality concrete finish – clean and quick release
TECHFIN SHUTTER RELEASE OB Diesel Emulsion Based Chemical release agent applied to mould and shutter surfaces prior to casting concrete in order to achieve a clean release. TECHFIN SHUTTER RELEASE OB can be applied to the formwork by spray in a light uniform mist coating or by brush.



Seamless Flooring System icon

Reduces the incidence of blow holes on the concrete face, is non-staining and can be used on concrete produced with White Portland Cement.

UV Stable Icon

Has a higher coverage than other oils due to its low viscosity.

Water Tolerant Icon

Treated plywood and timber moulds are waterproofed thereby preventing swelling.

Tolerant Surface Icon

Steel moulds are protected against rust and continued applications will assist in the removal of existing rust.

Chemical Resistance Icon

Reacts chemically with cement in a manner that imparts excellent release properties to the face of treated moulds and shuttering.

Quick Drying Icon

Concrete cast with TECHFIN SHUTTER RELEASE OB as the release agent has a smooth, hard, uniform and light coloured finish. It will not affect the concrete in any deleterious manner. It may also be applied to rough sawn timber formwork when a grained effect is required. The adhesion of subsequent surface coatings or renders is not affected by concrete treated with TECHFIN SHUTTER RELEASE OB.

Available colors

Light Stone
Brick Red
Mid Grey
Light Blue
Dark Grey
Traffic Yellow
Dark Green

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