technigrout NS 950

High Performance Fluid Non-Shrink Structural Grout

Technigrout NS 950 is an advanced, preblended ready-to-use non-shrink grout with specially graded silica aggregates, high performance additives and shrinkage compensation chemicals with selected Hydraulic Cements to produce a rapid setting and high strength structural grout with pourable and place consistency. It is grey coloured, non-oxidising and has no added chlorides or nitrates.


Non-shrink, flowable consistency

Precision support under load bearing elements: machine base plates, crane and transporter rails, stanchions and column bases, anchor bolts, precast units, bridge bearings and for repairing of honeycomb in concrete

High Early Strength - Obtains a minimum compressive strength to facilitate rapid installation and early operation of machinery / structures

Free of bleeding and settlement maintaining tight contact with the underside of grouted elements. The grout when mixed and placed flows and deaerates by itself

Non-metallic: iron free aggregate grout used where a concrete or mortar appearance is required

Durability - a dense and ultimate high strength grout which withstands repetitive loading requirements

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