Showcasing the silver lining of food and beverage flooring

The silver lining that protects your food and beverage facility from the cloud of bacteria

In food and beverage flooring and manufacturing facilities, bacteria is a constant threat. Installing a hygienic flooring solution is one of the most important precautions to limiting bacteria build-up. You can easily access our Technical Finishes Polyscreed® range of polyurethane flooring in Johannesburg to make your facility safe and clean and protect yourself from the worry of reputational damage. Here is how it works.

Antimicrobial silver ion technology

Silver has long been trusted for its antibacterial properties, which partly explains why in mythological times, silver was believed to have the power to ward off or destroy evil and harmful creatures such as vampires and werewolves.

Our Polyscreed® polyurethane flooring solutions all boast antimicrobial silver ion technology, proven to destroy 99.99% if all known bacteria that come into contact with it. Silver ions cause catastrophic disruptions to bacterial vital functions and fatal structural damage to bacterial cell wall membranes. With silver ions present, bacteria cannot perform critical functions like protein synthesis, cell division, or DNA replication. Silver ions also inhibit viral and fungal growth.

Seamless finish

Traditional flooring solutions often have grout lines, seams, and joints where bacteria can collect. These tiny floor gaps are difficult to keep clean and soon become the breeding ground for countless contaminants and bacteria. In these crevices, microbes quickly multiply and spread, resulting in an unhygienic environment unfit for food production.

By contrast, our Polyscreed® polyurethane flooring provides a perfectly smooth and seamless finish making it far easier to keep spotlessly clean. Without cracks and seams in which dirt and grime can build up, there is no place for bacteria to collect, hide, or grow. The result is a much cleaner and safer environment for food processing to take place in.

Smooth surface

Spills occur frequently in food and beverage manufacturing facilities, and despite prompt and thorough cleaning efforts, microbes can persist. Microbes from spills flourish in porous floors that haven’t been properly sealed with a flooring solution like polyurethane.

On porous surfaces, like stone or concrete, microscopic particles of bacteria embed themselves, beyond reach, in the miniscule pores of the floor. When this occurs, the bacteria resists cleaning, microbial growth is left unchecked, and the result is an unhygienic floor.

Our Polyscreed® polyurethane flooring solutions create a non-porous finish that resists the absorption of any fluids or microscopic particles. Moreover, the smooth finish makes it difficult for bacteria to stick to the floor surface, making it far easier to clean off.

Chemical resistance

To maintain hygiene and safety standards, food and beverage manufacturing areas require frequent and rigorous cleaning and sterilisation, requiring harsh agents and chemicals. Unfortunately, cleaning chemicals can cause significant corrosive damage to lesser flooring solutions, including microcracks and flaking that allow bacteria to collect and grow again.

Our Polyscreed® polyurethane flooring solutions are naturally chemically resistant and comfortably withstand regular cleaning with harsh cleaning agents to avoid the risk of damage.

Polyscreed® Polyurethane Flooring Solutions from Technical Finishes

At Technical Finishes, we have a range of excellent polyurethane flooring products ideal for the food and beverage manufacturing industry. We highly recommend our Polyscreed® range with silver ion antimicrobial technology, proven to kill 99.99% of all known harmful bacteria.

Polyscreed® Lockcoat is a versatile polyurethane coating that can be applied over existing concrete flooring, polyurethane screed flooring, and covings. It is ideal for refurbishing ageing floors or adding additional protection.

Our range of Polyscreed® polyurethane floor screeds also offer superb solutions for new flooring installations in food and beverage manufacturing facilities.

Polyscreed® HF, Polyscreed® RT, and Polyscreed® PU-RS are thicker screeds for higher traffic facilities, while Polyscreed® MD is for medium traffic volumes, and Polyscreed® SL for light traffic areas. Polyscreed® UT is specially formulated to prevent slippage in slippery environments.

There are many more factors to consider that will help determine which solution is best for your specific needs. Our friendly experts can help you figure it out.

For the best polyurethane flooring in Johannesburg and expert advice on the best antimicrobial Polyscreed® products for your manufacturing facility, contact us at Technical Finishes today.

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