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Why Technical Finishes’ Flooring Systems are Essential for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

In the pharmaceutical industry, the need for hygienic and chemically resistant flooring is very important. Here at Technical Finishes, our pharmaceutical flooring solutions are ideal for the notoriously sterile industry because they incorporate advanced, scientifically developed formulas that enhance safety and provide a durable flooring solution. They are also highly hygienic, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

Benefits of Our Flooring Solutions in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Here are several benefits that our flooring solutions offer the pharmaceutical industry, making them an absolutely essential part of any manufacturing or processing facility that deals with medically sensitive materials. 

  • Fast Curing 

Our Industrial flooring solutions cure extremely fast, allowing for a quick turnaround when it comes to the installation, maintenance, and refurbishment of your pharmaceutical facility’s flooring. The fast curing times minimise downtime, ensuring that productivity within your pharmaceutical facility continues to be maximised. 

The fast-curing feature is also beneficial in the pharmaceutical industry because time is important when dealing with sensitive chemical formulations. This allows for more efficient scheduling of projects and minimises any operational disruptions that could interfere with the fidelity of the products being manufactured. 

  • Seamless 

The polyurethane flooring solutions that we offer at Technical Finishes are great for the pharmaceutical industry because they are seamless. The seamless nature of the surface ensures the elimination of any joints or cracks, which could not only pose tripping hazards but also become hotbeds for the growth of microbial contaminants such as fungi, mould, mildew, and other bacteria.

By eliminating seams from the flooring, cleaning also becomes far more efficient. This creates a more hygienic environment that is free from pathogens and other contaminants collecting in places that cannot be easily cleaned out. 

  • Chemical Resistant 

Our range of polyurethane and epoxy flooring solutions is extremely effective for the pharmaceutical industry due to their chemical and thermal stability. These flooring solutions can withstand a range of extreme temperatures, from very cold to very warm. This is essential when dealing with the sometimes frigid environments in which pharmaceuticals need to be stored and manufactured.

On the other hand, the extreme heat involved in high-temperature cleaning processes to sanitise the floors needs to be withstood by the flooring without cracking or warping.

In addition to their thermal strength, their high resistance to chemicals also makes our flooring solutions essential for the pharmaceutical industry. During pharmaceutical manufacturing, the possibility of chemical spills is high, and the flooring needs to be able to withstand all manner of corrosive materials without becoming damaged or stained. 

Avoiding stains is important in the pharmaceutical industry because stained floors can mask dangerous spills. Therefore, having clean and spotless flooring is conducive to ensuring a safer and more hygienic workspace.

Flooring that can withstand chemical spills is also important so that it does not crack or rupture in any other way, which can lead to pathogens and microbes forming and growing inside the cracks. 

  • Enhanced Hygiene 

The polyurethane flooring offered by our flagship Polyscreed® range is highly hygienic and capable of meeting the strictest sanitation requirements. Not only are the surfaces of our flooring non-porous and smooth, thereby preventing bacteria, mould and other microorganisms from taking hold, but they also resist any liquid absorption and minimise the incidence of stains or residue accumulation. 

The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), which is an international standard for cleanliness, is designed to ensure hygiene and safety in sensitive industries. Among other things, HACCP ensures that flooring solutions used in hygiene-sensitive environments, like the food and beverage manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries, meet the highest hygiene standards so that consumers are protected against any potential contamination of consumable products. 

At Technical Finishes, our flooring systems ‒ particularly within our Polyscreed® range ‒ are all HACCP compliant, which means they meet the highest standards for hygiene and safety. 

This certification is extremely valuable in the pharmaceutical laboratory sector, where contamination control measures are incredibly important to ensure that the pharmaceuticals being produced are of the requisite standard and safe for human consumption. 

  • Antimicrobial Properties 

Our polyurethane flooring formulations use active silver ion antimicrobial technology. This adds an additional layer of protection against microorganisms and other bacterial growth. The 99.9% effectiveness of the antimicrobial technology ensures that virtually all germs die in contact with the floor. 

This helps ensure that the environment within the pharmaceutical facility is hygienic to the highest standards and virtually eliminates any risk of cross-contamination occurring insofar as the flooring is concerned.

To gain access to our wide range of flooring solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, from screeds to coatings and everything in between, contact us at Technical Finishes today. Our pharmaceutical flooring systems will ensure that your facility is hygienic and safe at all times.

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