Flooring suggestions for healthcare facilities

Choosing the right type of flooring for hospitals is important because hospitals need flooring that meets a variety of functional and aesthetic requirements. These need to allow for the efficient operation of the healthcare facility and to protect patients’ well-being. 

Technical Finishes has a range of different solutions that meet these stringent requirements and are therefore ideal for hospital flooring.

Key factors for choosing hospital flooring

  • Hygiene

Ensuring good hygiene and infection control are of paramount importance in any healthcare setting. Flooring should be chosen based on how easy it is to clean and disinfect to minimise the risk of transmitting infections. Flooring solutions that have antimicrobial properties to prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria are ideal.

  • Durability

Hospital floors also need to be durable to endure the heavy foot traffic that hospitals have, including rolling equipment and regular cleaning with sometimes harsh cleaning chemicals.

  • Slip Resistant

Hospital flooring also needs to be resistant to slippage and must provide a safe walking surface.

  • Noise Reduction

High noise levels are stressful for patients. Thus, a well-chosen flooring solution can minimise the noise level by being more absorbent, thereby creating a more comfortable and less stressful atmosphere.

  • Low Maintenance

Hospital floors need to be low maintenance, as it is difficult to shut down portions of the hospital to frequently refurbish worn flooring. Ideally, the flooring should be easy to look after and durable enough to minimise regular replacements. 

When replacements and refurbishments do need to take place, a flooring solution that is easy to refurbish without disrupting the hospital’s operations is preferable.

Other considerations, such as underfoot comfort, aesthetics, and design, as well as budgetary constraints, are all aspects that need to be taken into account when choosing hospital flooring solutions.

With that in mind, let us review some of the flooring solutions that Technical Finishes has to offer that are ideal for healthcare facilities.

Polyscreed® PU-RS

This polyurethane flooring solution is a good option for a new flooring installation in a healthcare facility that sees a lot of traffic, like a busy hospital. It provides an 8- to 10-mm-thick flooring solution that is slightly textured and thus slip-resistant. 

This easy-to-apply rake and spike floor screed is ideal for hospitals because it provides high chemical resistance and is capable of withstanding high traffic volumes. It also benefits from having a low volatile organic compound (VOC) content, which makes it safe to use in a hospital setting. 

This seamless and easy-to-clean polyurethane flooring solution also offers high-impact abrasion and thermal shock resistance and is easy to clean and maintain. 

Importantly, as with all Polyscreed® products, this polyurethane floor screed solution is hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) compliant and features antimicrobial silver ion technology, which can ensure that bacterial and fungal growth is arrested. 

Polyscreed® PU 1500 SL

This polyurethane screed is a great solution for new flooring in smaller healthcare facilities that have slightly less traffic. It is better suited for light- to medium-traffic areas but still features all the same benefits as the Polyscreed® PU-RS solution. 

Like the above, the Polyscreed® PU 1500 SL is capable of withstanding chemical spills, high impacts, abrasions, and thermal shocks. It also features low VOC content and is HACCP-compliant. While HACCP compliance is really only necessary for the food and beverage industries, these hygiene ratings bode well for the health sector as well. Add to that the benefit of its antimicrobial silver ion technology, which is highly effective at minimising the spread of infection.

Polyscreed® Lockcoat

If you already have an existing polyurethane flooring solution and need something to quickly and easily refurbish it, then the Polyscreed® Lockcoat is a good way to go. This three-component polyurethane roller coat resin system is designed to provide a coating for existing polyurethane screeds that need a bit of a touch-up or additional protection.

As with all Polyscreed® products, it is HACCP compliant and features antimicrobial silver ion technology, making it ideal for use in hygienic situations such as healthcare facilities. One of the benefits is that it is very quick and easy to install and provides excellent adhesion. This allows it to be applied without incurring significant operational downtime in healthcare facilities, allowing doctors to continue to do their jobs unimpeded.

Polyscreed® MD ESD

Some of the more sensitive areas of the hospital might have slightly specialised requirements, such as static resistance. Some areas need electrostatic discharge protection, such as operating rooms, emergency rooms, and laboratories.

In such cases, the Polyscreed® MD ESD is ideal. This 4-mm-thick polyurethane floor screed provides anti-static capabilities while also providing all the benefits of other Polyscreed® products, such as high chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, high impact resistance, antimicrobial silver ion technology, and low VOC content. 

This product also provides a non-slip finish, making it a safe choice for sensitive environments where slips and falls simply cannot be risked.

At Technical Finishes, we have a superb range of products that are well-suited to hospital flooring. Contact us today to inquire about our range and find out how it can enhance your healthcare facility.

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