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Innovative Restaurant Flooring Ideas to Make Your Space Stand Out

Restaurants have a unique combination of needs when it comes to the kind of flooring required. They need flooring solutions that are robust enough to handle heavy foot traffic while also being highly resistant to chemicals and other liquid spills. In addition, restaurant flooring needs to be aesthetically appealing.

If that’s not enough, restaurant floors should be made from materials that promote hygiene as much as possible. This means that they have to meet stringent industry health and safety regulatory requirements.

Meeting all of these requirements could be a tall order for most flooring materials. However, at Technical Finishes, we can provide a range of flooring solutions that are more than up to the task.

Here are just a few of the many flooring solutions we provide to make your restaurant stand out above the rest.

Liquid Stone SL

This decorative resin-based overlay makes it look and feel like your floor is made out of solid marble. The natural, polished marble look is achieved by the incorporation of selected metallic fillers to give the resin its characteristic swirls of colour. This also serves to make the flooring extremely strong and abrasion-resistant, making it an ideal choice for demanding environments like restaurants.

This flooring solution is ideal in spaces where you want to convey a sense of luxury and opulence without having to spend a fortune on real marble. Our Liquid Stone SL flooring solution has a higher chemical resistance capability than real marble. Real marble is highly alkaline, which makes it prone to developing stains and pockmarks from acidic spills. Vinegar, lemon juice, or even something as benign as coffee could damage real marble floors if spilled. 

Solidkote Metallo

If you want your restaurant floors to really pop, this flooring system provides a unique and aesthetically appealing finish. The reflective pigment in the resinous system has a metallic effect that gives the floor finish a uniquely three-dimensional feel.

This kind of seamless flooring is guaranteed to stand out, with an endless array of colour combinations to choose from and customise. You can either go all-out for a flashy and psychedelic floor or dial it back to create something more elegant and stylish.

This new and exciting flooring solution offers high abrasion resistance and is taint free to sensitive food consumables. Moreover, its smooth and seamless finish makes it easy to maintain and keep clean, thereby making it a hygienic choice.

Polyscreed® Epoxy Terrazzo

This epoxy resin-based floor-finishing screed is a great way to make your restaurant floors look pristine and stylish. The terrazzo effect is achieved thanks to the exposed aggregate texture in the resin, which results in a highly attractive look. It comes in a variety of uniform colours that can be customised to suit your restaurant’s decor, providing a smooth and easy-to-clean surface that will last for years.

The 10 mm thick terrazzo screed provides a seamless finish that makes it easy to keep clean and hygienic, which is critical in any restaurant. Since spills are so commonplace in restaurants, the high chemical resistance properties of this screed are invaluable.

What’s more, it is tough enough to withstand a significant amount of abrasion and impact, making it ideal for the busiest of eateries.

Since the Polyscreed® Epoxy Terrazzo is solvent-free, it is environmentally friendly and low in volatile organic compounds, which makes it safe for patrons and staff. Its hygienic properties are second to none, since it is formulated with the latest in antimicrobial silver ion protection. This means that as many as 99.9% of microbes won’t survive on the floor’s surface. With this flooring solution, your customers could literally eat off the floor.

Polycreed® GHF Terrazzo

This decorative polyurethane flooring system is high-performance and three trowel applied, which results in a smooth, easy-to-look-at polished terrazzo. For those areas that need to endure high traffic volumes, this system offers a smooth, protective finish with high-grade physical and chemical resistance in a demanding environment. 

Polycreed® GHF Terrazzo is a versatile solution fitting for a number of industrial and commercial uses. Of these is the kitchen and restaurant industry, where it thrives as a food-grade flooring solution that lasts. As a HACCP-compliant solution with antimicrobial silver ion technology, this option is made for food processing spaces. 

Mixing & Matching

The abovementioned flooring solutions are only a small selection of what we have to offer the restaurant industry. Thanks to our wide range of flooring solutions and our unbeatable expertise,  we can help you mix and match. Through this technique, you can combine flooring options in a number of creative configurations to create customised patterns and shapes. This can ensure that your flooring is wholly unique.

Our innovative paint-by-numbers application technique allows us to lay out any patterns of your choosing using metal trims. The chosen colours of your preferred flooring solutions can then be poured into these moulded areas to create beautiful and eye-catching custom-designed patterns.

Simply speak to our expert team about what designs you have in mind, and we can make your vision a reality!

For help choosing the right restaurant flooring solution, contact us at Technical Finishes today. We have the best quality flooring, the widest range, and the right knowledge to make it work for you.

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