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Use The Long Weekend In June To Refurbish Your Facility – Don’t Miss This Opportunity

Have you been struggling to find the time to refurbish your food and beverage manufacturing facility’s flooring? The long weekend in June will give you the ideal opportunity to get the job done. 

Your manufacturing site will be clear of personnel for three whole days, from June 16 to 18, which gives you time to redo your floors undisturbed. It will also limit the impact on productivity by minimising downtime. When it’s done, you can welcome back employees to a newly refurbished and safer work environment.

You might be wondering, however, what kind of flooring solution is best. With so many options to choose from and so many suppliers, how can you know you’ve made the right choice?

At Technical Finishes, we have just what you need: a durable, non-slip, HACCP-compliant flooring solution. We are flooring specialists with years of experience, deep knowledge, and hundreds of satisfied customers.

As specialists you can trust, we highly recommend our flagship Polyscreed® flooring range. The products in this range meet the stringent requirements of the food and beverage manufacturing industry.

With the Polyscreed® range, you can be rest assured in the knowledge that your facility’s flooring will meet the highest hygiene and safety standards. Why take chances with anything else?

Let us review some of the options you might consider using for your facility.

Polyscreed® SL, Polyscreed® MD, Polyscreed® RT and Polyscreed® HF

These four-component polyurethane screeds are great flooring solutions for food and beverage processing plants. All three of these systems feature slight texturing to prevent slippage. This makes them good for ensuring safety in environments that are constantly wet or have lots of spills.

The main difference between these systems is their respective thickness and consequent durability levels. The 2.5 mm Polyscreed® SL is the lightest of the four, made for excellent levelling. The 6 mm to 8 mm Polyscreed® RT and the 8 mm to 10 mm thick Polyscreed® HF are aimed more at facilities with high traffic volumes and extreme temperature exposure.

Polyscreed® UT 

Polyscreed® UT is a high-performance slurry broadcast screed that is specially formulated to prevent slippage. The extreme slip resistance properties make it ideal in environments where the floors are frequently wet. The 5 mm thickness makes this solution extremely tough even in high-traffic environments.

What Makes the Polyscreed® Range Superior?

The spilling of agressive and corrosive chemicals and compounds is commonplace in the food and beverage industries. In addition, the floors typically take a beating from harsh cleaning techniques and extreme temperatures. This means that you need a flooring solution that can withstand this kind of daily wear without failing. Your business’s success could depend on it.

The Polyscreed® range is notable for its exceptional resistance to chemical damage, which makes it perfect for food processing facilities. No spills are too harsh for this material. Moreover, the polyurethane base means that Polyscreed® products can handle a lot of physical trauma without issue.

They can easily withstand thermal shock caused by extreme temperature shifts. This includes the freezing temperatures in cold rooms, as well as the super-heated high-pressure sprays and steams used for sterilising the floors.

The Polyscreed® range is also highly impact and abrasion resistant. This is a must-have in busy manufacturing areas with a lot of foot traffic and equipment.

Aside from the unparalleled toughness, one of the best features of the Polyscreed® range is its hygienic properties. All Polyscreed® products are imbued with antimicrobial silver ion technology, which ensures that as much as 99.9% of microbes cannot survive on their surface. Additionally, the chemical inertness and low volatile organic compound content in the coatings and screeds make them safe.

The slip-resistant finish on all Polyscreed® flooring solutions further serves to improve employees’ safety as well. By reducing incidences of falls and injuries, a manufacturing facility can improve its productivity by minimising absenteeism and incapacitation among workers.

How Long Does a Polyscreed® Floor Last?

When properly installed and maintained, a Polyscreed® floor can last for as many as ten to fifteen years (depending on the system) before needing refurbishment. An important part of the proper installation of a Polyscreed® floor is choosing the right Polyscreed® product in our range for the application. 

If you’re not sure which one is best, speak to one of our consultants for some advice.

To make a Polyscreed® floor last as long as possible in an industrial application, it needs to be regularly cleaned and maintained. Although these products are designed to be tough, unchecked accumulation of dirt and grime can have a corrosive effect over time. This can shorten the flooring solution’s lifespan.

Although it is unlikely, if cracks or significant scratches are noted in the screed, it is best to have it repaired and refurbished as soon as possible. This will ensure that no further damage occurs. Therefore, it pays to conduct periodic inspections so that issues can be identified and rectified as quickly as possible.

To get brand-new-looking Polyscreed® flooring in your manufacturing facility, contact us at Technical Finishes today for a full-scale refurbishment this June. The long weekend is the perfect time to get it done, so don’t delay! 

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